Case Study
Weber & Associates was consumed with fighting fires. In one instance, two tape back-up failures led to 48 hours of application downtime, resulting in $35K of lost revenue – a significant amount for a small business.


Technology Solutions management, LLC. (TSM) is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) providing business network monitoring and management, as well as computer systems deployment and project based services.

As a Managed Services Provider, TSM is a highly efficient and cost effective solution for the extensive experience it takes to properly maintain a business computer network.

Companies know that network uptime and system availability are critical business functions and must be maintained, but most companies don’t know how to economically achieve this. Managing your Business IT Systems (BITS) to best practice standards doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

TSM Managed Services - powered by Kaseya.

Comprehensive management and security services enable small and medium-sized organizations to outsource critical information technology functions and simplify the management of their IT infrastructure. Its implementation enables  organizations to stop spending all of their internal IT staff’s time on maintenance and troubleshooting and instead have them focus on more strategic projects.

Comprehensive management and security services can reduce the administrative overhead while providing an up-to-date, stable, secure infrastructure to run  day-to-day operations.


TSM Affiliations and Partnerships

We are  a member of the Managed Service Providers Alliance, and have relationships with leading IT vendors.


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